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LTE connected charge points unable to connect

Started 15 Jun at 11:20pm CEST, resolved 16 Jun at 11:35am CEST.

ChargePoint connection

Nearly all charge points have connected to the backend. If you still experience issues please reach out to our support team.

Posted 16 Jun at 11:35am CEST.

The mobile carrier identified and fixed the issue. Charge points are currently reconnecting back to the system.

Posted 16 Jun at 10:16am CEST.

We are still working with the mobile carrier to get the problem solved and hope to provide an update shortly.

Posted 16 Jun at 07:34am CEST.

Since 22:40 today most LTE connected charge points are offline and unable to connect. The mobile network operator is informed and we are waiting for feedback.

Posted 15 Jun at 11:20pm CEST.